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"I am learning not to say I was raped, but a man raped me. Grammatically, this is the difference between the passive and active voice. As I often tell my writing students, the active voice is preferred unless you are trying to hide responsibility."

-Patricia Weaver Francisco 

Anonymous said: <p>I turned my back on him for five seconds, and there was a knife at my throat. I have never been more scared or felt more disgusting in my entire life. I&#8217;ve been taking three showers a day since it happened two months ago. I feel broken.</p>



It was bright the day he stole me,

It was bright the day he trapped me,

Still it was bright the day he took me;

owned me, used me.

A life robbed and broken,

loveless and empty,

cold and bitter;

Still it was bright the day he stole me

While it was dark forever within me.

(Source: , via survivingandthriving)

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